Why a blog?

Music to Read Words By: Devin Townsend – Genesis (Live)


  • Because I want to write more, and I want to focus more on the creative side of writing. This is not something I have done consistently for a very long time.
  • Because I want to push myself to write outside of work. I feel like I have developed a voice and a style of writing for my job, and I enjoy writing in the subjects it allows me. HOWEVER, I have not worked on enough creative writing to foster a style or voice. I want to change that.
  • I want an outlet that does not involve work or home life. The two together take up pretty much all of my time, and hopefully, that won’t change. Beyond that though, I don’t have much for a hobby. Writing can be that.
  • I spend way too much of my free time on my phone. This won’t change that, but at least if I am doing this I can pretend I am doing something productive.
  • Because I have spent much of my life thinking about writing, so I might as well burn some calories actually doing it for once.